Elder Law Attorney in Northern, NJ

Elder Law Attorney in Northern, NJ

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Our New Jersey Elder Law attorneys are highly experienced in this area of the law. Elder Law includes some of the following areas: asset protection and Medicaid planning, simple and complex Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Special Needs Trusts, Intervivos Trusts, Revocable v. Irrevocable Trusts, Elder Abuse, Undue Influence, Guardianship and Conservatorship and Age Discrimination.

Every client’s needs must be carefully reviewed, and possibly adjusted as they age. Life situations change, children grow up, problems arise for the loved ones you want to continue care for, and your financial needs sometimes become more challenging as time goes by. It is important to be able to consult with attorneys who understand where you are now in your life, the connection you have to your loved ones, whether you want to include charities or others in your estate plan, and who you can trust. Decisions have to be made as to whether you will continue to manage your own affairs or have help now or in the near future. Transferring or gifting assets may or may not be right for you. Before you do anything, be sure to consult an attorney who has the experience to guide you.

The area of Elder Law is broad, and can include use of lifetime transfers, gifts, life insurance, and your Last Will and Testament. It is our goal for you, as your Elder Law attorney, to do work with you in regard to all of your assets, your intended beneficiaries, and to try to preserve as much of your estate as possible while having you maintain the level of control over and amount of assets you need for a comfortable life. We will review all relevant information with you including your personal situation and assets, and help you manage and reach expectations.

Deborah L. Pico, Esq. is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. (NAELA). Our fees are usually on an hourly basis, but in some instances a flat fee may be charged.

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Real Estate Attorney in Northern, NJ

Are you looking for Elder Law Attorney in Northern, NJ? The Law Offices Of Deborah L. Pico, LLC are located in Bergen County, in northern New Jersey. Our law firm consists of Attorneys serving New Jersey since 1984. We are licensed to practice law in New York as well. We are engaged in the general practice of law, concentrating in the areas listed below.

The Law Offices Of Deborah L. Pico, LLC offers expertise in numerous legal areas, including Estate Planning & Litigation, Wills, Power Of Attorney, Living Wills, Real Estate Closings, Short Sales, Foreclosures, Elder Law, Small Business Law, Corporate Law, Collections, General Law, Consumer Protection Law & Bankruptcy.

If you require the services of a New Jersey Real Estate lawyer, A New Jersey foreclosure attorney or an attorney who can help you handle your short sale, an Elder Law attorney, a New Jersey attorney to prepare your Last Will and Testament, your Living Will, or your Power of Attorney, we can help with these specific legal needs, as well as many, many other areas of the law.

Our New Jersey attorneys and New York attorneys provide the highest quality of legal services for reasonable fees. Because we have New Jersey attorneys and New York attorneys on staff, we can help resolve many issues that relate to clients whose assets may be in one state, while their residence may be in another.

We stand by our reputation for good service, communication and cost effective problem solving, and look forward to being your lawyer for all of your legal needs.

For more information about Elder Law Attorney in Northern, NJ, contact The Law Offices Of Deborah L. Pico, LLC at (201) 947-8898.

The Law Offices Of Deborah L. Pico, LLC – Your trusted Elder Law Attorney in Northern, NJ.

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Elder Law Attorney in Northern, NJ